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Self Fulfilling...

With the current focus on the new terrorism laws, about to be introduced, I'm wondering if, secretly, John Howard is hoping and praying that someone, somewhere, actually does carry out an act of terrorism upon Australian soil. That way it'll justify everything he's done since he threw in with the American invasion of Iraq. Mind you, it's that self same invasion that's made Australia a target on the terrorist map, not that you can tell that to Howard.

The new laws are nothing but a travesty. I'm sure that if you enjoy having no civil rights, and really, really enjoy having all your freedom taken from you - on the strength of a phone call - then you'll get right into these new laws.

And that's what it comes down to - a phone call, a letter, an email, a blog entry (kinda like this one). Someone reports you as a possible terrorist and BANG! before you know it you're locked up for two weeks (at a minimum) without charge, without anyone knowing where you a…

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