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A Moment's Laughter Please

Physically... 1934 - 2005

In our memories... forever.

That's two in as many weeks. One I knew, but not well enough, and the other I knew through a television set. Both have had an impact with their passing and both will be sadly missed.

The worst part of Kennedy's passing is that it's allowed the Human Maggot to re-emerge trying to raise his profile and ratings. Sadly for the Maggot, Graham Kennedy had more class in his little fingernail than Hinch will ever have in his life. From what people tell me these days Hinch is a sad, bitter, twisted and lonely old man - he deserves that and more. The funniest part? After he made his untrue comments about Kennedy he got attacked from all corners - as he so richly deserved. Like all bullies instead of recanting and admitting he lied he then screamed about how it was painful and upsetting that people were being hostile.

But then that's why the guy has been sacked from every television station in Australia and quite a ew radio…

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