2005 Award For Customer Service

And the Annual Award for Aggro Taxi Drivers and Bad Customer Service goes to...
ADELAIDE IMPRESSIONS CHAUFFEURED SERVICES Established 1993 (Don't call 'em taxi drivers - it really, really annoys them and they will hang the phone up)

Gotta love this lot. Driving to work Friday and all of a sudden a Tarago bearing the AI name and colours cuts across the Parade at 8am this morning, doesn't indicate, nearly runs me off the road and then abuses the living suitcase out of me on Portrush Road because I beeped the horn.

So I get into work and decide to call the company and lay a formal complaint. Bad move. First off the general manager then proceeds to call me a liar, disputes my version of events, complained that she's sick of dealing with 'people like me' (whatever that means - the public perhaps who've been verbally assaulted by their drivers?) and hangs up. Classic lines included: "What do you expect me to do? I'll speak to the guy, get his story and get back to you, but don't hold your breath" When I then said I'd go to the police and file a formal complaint her response was, "Go for it - there were no witnesses so the cops will do nothing. Plus we have cops working for us so I know nothing will happen". Great eh? It got better.

The person there did actually speak to the driver - as I expected he lied out of his arse, no big surprise there, and they emailed me their response - this is a clasic:

Good Afternoon,
I have spoken to the driver concerned with the incident this morning.

As I thought from your aggressive phone call to me, things did not quite
happen as you described. He only called you one bad name, for which he
apologizes but you seem to have provoked this outburst. He acknowledges
that he did not use an indicator and put his hand up to you to
let you know that he was sorry for not using an indicator. But you caught
up with him at the lights and started the abuse. How dare you refer to
the driver's mother as whore! This kind of aggressive behaviour begins
ROAD RAGE. The driver you "crossed swords" with this morning is a
very placid well mannered gentleman. So the provocation must have been
there for him to react.

I had my doubts about the whole incident when you accused me of not
listening to you and supposedly calling you a liar. I was trying to be
fair to both sides. But you did not even want me to question the driver
before sentencing him. Very un-Australian of you to be so unfair.

You are welcome to do whatever you see fit, and if you choose not to
travel with our service or bad mouth us to your friends then so be it

Without prejudice

Dawn Peterson

So there you go. He didn't come across as mild mannered to me whilst he had his two fingers out the window in his obvious 'hand up to you to let you know that he was sorry for not using an indicator' and all the time screaming, "What;'s your f&^king problem, c*&khead??"

Still I expected no less from a company that seems to pride itself on threats (I was told that if I know what's good for me I won't take this further - personally I've never known what's good for me) and intimidation. As for bad mouthing them, well I'll allow their track record speak for itself. So if you ever see a Tarago, license plate number: 1611-MV driven by an old angry four eyed man, let him know that you value his driving. And when he drives you off the road, don't bother calling the company to complain - they'll just dish out some more aggro.

Forward this email to as many people as possible - let's get these aresholes off the road, or at least dent their business somewhat. Once they get back to me I'll forward their usual, covering up reply... (ie: "I wasn't there", "He abused me first" or "It never happened")


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