War Is Declared!!!

Seriously. It's war!!!

Now that I've finished the Andru/Esposito book I've found myself with some free time. That's not only a good thing, but lately that's a damn rare thing. In order to bring myself down and relax I've decided to go back out into the little garden I have here and start doing all the things I've wanted to do there for months now - planting some herbs and veggies, planting some shrubberies (you never know when the Knights Who Say Ni might turn up), ripping out some old, dead or useless plants, weeding - well you get the general idea. So far I've planted some nip for the cat, some tomatos, some herbs, a mozzie killing plant and a bush, along with a general clean up along with installing some more sprinklers and removing the dead solar lights.

But I'm not happy. Lately a bloody great big black bastard of a bird has decided to enter my garden and throw shit and dirt all over the place. I'll go outside, clean up, sweep and do some gardening and this feathered prick flies in as soon as I've gone inside and has his own little dirt chucking party. It's pissing me off no end.

The first line of defence? Well you'd think that seeing we have a cat, why not send him out there on the hunt? Well Merlin is scared of a shadow at the end of the driveway from the safety of the house, so a bird terrifies him. Plus the bird knows his stuff - he'll only come during the day when Merlin is tucked up in bed having a nap that goes all day. There goes my furry commando.

So far I've sat out there screamed abuse that must near give the old duck next door a heart attack. I've thrown tennis balls, tree stumps and rocks at it. It leaves, then comes back.

If anyone has a suggestion for getting rid of this swine of a bird then I wanna know. This is personal - it's war. I want my garden back!!!


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