Steve Hill R.I.P

Another one left us this morning - Steve Hill. Many might not know the name, but you'd know the band that he originally sang with - Skyhooks. That's right, Steve was the original vocalist with the band, for about a year, before Shirley came along (that's him on stage with the band in 1973). Indeed if you ever get a chance to hear some of the bands early songs with Hill you'll notice that Hill, in his own way, sang some of the songs better - All My Friends Are Getting Married for example, sounded warmer with Hill than it ever did with Shirl. Different voices, now both are singing duets somewhere up there.

Still Steve turned his back on the 'Hooks, for his own reasons and Shirley came in, replaced him and the rest is history. Now Steve is history. My good pal Peter Green emailed this to the Skyhooks list today:

Some sad news everyone. At 9.00 this morning Steve Hill, the original Hooks lead singer passed away.

As most of you know he had been battling cancer for awhile now, and has been in special care for the past few weeks.

I'm glad so many of you made the effort to attend the Annandale Hotel Benefit for the original Skyhooks line up, Steve told me a few days later it was one of the happiest moments of his life, so thanks everyone for helping do that.

Very sad for us as he had quickly became a mate and just when we were getting to know him, he's gone again.

Steve Hill RIP.

Recently Steve managed to get the original Skyhooks line-up together for a one off gig at the Annadale Hotel in Sydney. From left to right we have: Fred Strauks, Steve Hill, Peter Inglis, Greg Macainsh and Peter Starkie down in front. Thankfully the gig was recorded and hopefully it'll be released one day - it'd make for a fitting tribute to a man who was there at the start.


Anonymous said…
Hi, you don't know me, or my mother, but we were both friends of Steve Hill. I met him for the first time only weeks before his passing in 2005, though my mother, Kate Carey, was a good friend of Steve's all through the 80's. He helped her a lot in Sydney and if it weren't for him I wouldn't be alive.
I wanted to thank you for posting this blog, however long ago it was posted, but it gave me reassurance.
Thank you again
Anonymous said…
R.I.P. Steve
still lovin' you and your giant heart...
honouring my promise to think of you on Halloween <3 Kate
Anonymous said…
I assume we are talking about the same taxi driver. Many years ago... 1993/94 he used to pick me up from my boyfriend ( then to become my fiancee's) place in Alexandria in the early hours of the morning. He used to tell me he was in the original Skyhooks. Ironically he told me of his history which matched my boyfriend's exactly........
I always felt safe with him driving me home. I have always thought of him! with fondness!
Yes, Anonymous ~ sounds like Steve. He was taxi - driving in Sydney for Legion then in Melbourne with Silvertops ~ back to Sydney.
He was a gentle, witty, talented and intelligent man ~ still miss him.

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