Sale Of The Century

So the latest media whine is the deal that Douglas Wood has cut with Channel 10 to tell his story. The deal was signed off on late last night and this morning we woke up to hear two cretins on Channel 7's Sunrise programme asking 'serious' questions as to if Wood should be forced to pay back part of what he's earning to the Government for his rescue, or donate the profits to charity. Then they announced how much Wood is getting: $400,000.

Now the interesting thing with this is that they're wrong on all accounts. First off Wood isn't getting $400,000, it's more in the region of $150-200,000 and the idiots at Channel 7 know that. It was funny listening and watching the hyprocrits on Sunrise bitching about Wood. I'd bet the entire amount he got that if Today Tonight had snared the exclusive they'd be defending it to the cows came home.

If I were Douglas Wood then the first thing I'd have done once I touched down at that first press conference would have been to stand up and announce that the bidding would now commence. One of the advantages is that he'll go back to America and sell some rights there too - there's at least a mini-series in this before it runs it's course, plus his wife is a Yank so they'll play that angle up too.

And more power to him. Channels 7 and 9 couldn't deliver what the Wood family wanted - a suitable amount of time in which to tell his story. The best Channel 7 could offer was 6 minutes on Today Tonight, Channel 9 offered 5 minutes with Rays Wig on A Current Affair or 15 minutes on 60 Minutes. Plus they didn't cough up the right amount of cash. Still they'll whinge and cry about how he shouldn't be allowed to sell his story - hello!!! Channel 9 and 7 fought over Schappelle Corby. She can sell her story but Wood can't?

Perhaps someone might want to point out to Channel 9 their deals with convicted drug smuggler Corby (and it doesn't matter if you think she's innocent or otherwise - the reality is she's a convicted drug smuggler serving twenty years) and the Bali 9 (who are waiting for trial) when they start bitching about Douglas Wood - a man who was in the wrong place at the wrong time, but now is in the right place with the right story at the right time. The only ones bleating about how wrong this all is are those who missed out when the deal was there to be had. Jealousy is a curse.

Cash in Douggie - it's a deal, it's a steal, it's sale of the century!


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