Bush Denounces Soviet Domination

Or so the headline reads. And good on him too. Finally he's developing a set of nuts, however I wonder if, at the same time, he's going to denounce the United Kingdom and Winston Churchill with as much zeal for their part in the mass slaughter of a few million eastern Europeans who were driven across the borders and back into the arms of the Soviets immediately after World War II?

Of course not. For all of Geo. Bush Jr's rhetoric he omits the fact that had Churchill not refused sanctuary to people from those countries that lay east of Germany, the death toll of the Stalinist purges would have been considerably lower. But that's not to be mentioned.


Simple. Revisionist history shows us that those who win wars can write their own history to suit themselves. For decades the Rape of Nanking was at times outright denied, covered up or merely downplayed by the British and Japanese governments, along with the Americans. I was taught it in school, back in year 10 in 1982 and I'm betting that it's rarely been taught in the USA and never in Japan. The reasons why it was hushed were several - it served no purpose for the Japanese people to be looked upon after the war as the butchers some of them were before it - after all Japan and America had formed a strong alliance, and, by proxy, so had England. Another reason was that both the American and English governments knew, as it was happening, exactly what was happening in Nanking in 1938. Japan was yet to declare it's hand in the the then growing world war, so it was generally ignored and left to China to sort out - indeed the embassies of England and America were instructed to stay out of it, thankfully they ignored the orders and lent what assistance they could. Plus Japan attacked China - and after WWII China was a foe. They were a threat, they were communist and let's not mention Korea.

Many Japanese now believe that the Rape of Nanking never happened. The same as many English people, and Americans, now believe that the Soviet Union was solely responsible for the persecution that was inflicted upon much of eastern Europe post WWII. If we are truly to advance as a race, we have to admit to our wrongs, and attempt to make them right. In the same way that the Japanese government should apologize for the death of over 369,000 people in ONE town, in a mere six weeks pre-WWII, the English government needs to apologize to the over 2,000,000 people who it sent across the borders post WWII, thus condemning them to death. Geo. Bush needs to either acknowledge those wrongs, as a whole, and stop picking and chosing what suits him or keep his idiot mouth shut.

It amazes me when people laud Churchill. Not only did he refuse to assist Australia when the invasion by Japanese forces was imminent, but he insisted that more Australian troops be shipped to Europe to protect England. In short he was more than willing to turn Australia over to Japan. Thankfully the American government recognized what Churchill never could - Australia was vital both in WWII and would also be post WWII. To Churchill, Australia and Australians was mere cannon fodder, but that's to be expected from a drunken, drugged man who sent thousands of young men to their death at Galipolli during WWI. When he died his hands should have been flowing with the blood that was on them.

I'm all for history - I study it and I love it. I abhor revisionist history though...


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