Andru & Esposito: Partners For Life Cover Art & Assorted Goodies

Michael Netzer took a basic image/idea from me and made it into something very, very special. It's been up on Michael's site for a few days now, so it's hardly a first look, but here's a peek at the cover for the Andru/Esposito book.

Michael does this kind of thing for a living, and it's an absolute honour to have him take the time to work on the cover - and in the process improve the intial idea beyond belief. Both Mark Evanier and Tony Isabella have pointed out that the Superman figure was inked by Dick Giordano, but as the book is about both Ross and Mike the figure isn't that out of place. Certainly Mike is aware of the cover and hasn't said anything negative to me about it. Anyway, as I've said to both men, if that's the only nit that can be picked out of the book then I think I'll be doing quite well.

As I've more time, deadline wise (thanks to Daniel Herman and Hermes Press) I'll be able to work some more on the book - expect a few more people to come on board now.

So far the launch date is July 2006 - in time for the San Diego Comic Convention. Fingers crossed...

Keep checking back for updates on the book, including a special project that Mike Esposito and myself might be announcing in the next few weeks.


Loved the description in this caption, as featured in last night's Media Watch.

Mind you the same programme showed us a right fraud, the details of which can be found here on Media Watch's page. I've had a quick peek on his site, and frankly the art isn't much to look at. Personally if I were going to indulge in the fine arts I'd much rather buy something from Sofia Fedorov Polonski, Jerry Bingham or Rich Buckler - especially the latter for surrealistic work.


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