Saddam Hussain

So the Americans have caught Saddam Hussain. I'm amazed that they didn't just unload onto him and shoot his arse full of new holes and call it 'fleeing from custody' like they did his sons. Not that I'm defending his kids, or his regime, but even the Nazi's had their chance in the war crimes courts before being put to death, or jailed. The Hussain kids were just executed, or murdered, depending on your point of view. When the Iraqi's shoot down the US soldiers we hear how they've been assassinated. When the Americans do it, well it's called justice. Fine line there...

The entire Iraqi conflict has left a very disgusting taste in my mouth, from start to finish. I find it reprehensible that we tolerate a leader of the country who lies so openly. Howard lied, and whilst doing it he knew that what he was saying was an outright lie. Still, he did it and he obviously feels that it's fine. After all you can lie to idiots all the time, and yep, we're all idiots because we elected the bastard. This country can only benefit from the complete removal of John Howard.

It's interesting in a way, what we saw and heard. In world war two the news that the Germans issued was called propaganda, yet what the Allies issued was called the truth. The same has happened here - what the Iraqis issued was titled propaganda, yet the Americans only told the truth - yeah, right. Where are the weapons of mass destruction? Of course they're not there. Hussain was in cohoots with Bin Laden - sure he was...despite the fact that Hussain wanted ole Osama's head on a pike. One man's truth is another mans lie, and in this case everyone lied - on both sides. As the manics said, if you tolerate this then your children will be next.

So hopefully it's all over and done with. But I doubt it. Oh well, time to lie in bed and read a book I think.


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