The Mysteries of Gredown Soon to be Revealed

The past few months have seen me engaged in some serious research into the history of one of my favourite Australian publishers, Gredown.  The main thing that I have learnt was that virtually everything we know about Gredown, and all that's been reported (including my own previously published research) has been inaccurate, to say the least.  I can't go into great detail here as the work was commissioned, but once it's published I'll let people know where they can find it - it'll be on sale for a very affordable price and is being published at some point this year.

Trust me on this, if you have even a passing interest in horror comics and the connections between K.G. Murray, ACP and even the Fairfax group, then you'll want to read this.  And you'll be seeing a lot more scans from own collection of Gredown comics, over 400 issues and growing...


Unknown said…
Put me down for a copy Dan - let me know if I can contribute in any way. Jack Sim.

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