The Epic Life Story Of Keith Chatto - Coming To A Kindle Near You

Using a previously unpublished autobiography from Chatto himself as the starting point, along with never before published material detailing almost every aspect of not only his life, but that of his family, this e-book will showcase and celebrate the life and art of legendary Australian comic book artist Keith Chatto.  And, of course, art! Covers, rarely seen art, documents, photos and much more.

Avaliable on Amazon in January, 2014.


Neville Bain said…
Gidday Daniel,
As a longtime fan of the work of comic book artist and writer Keith Chatto, it was with surprise and delight that I stumbled across this listing. I have installed Amazon Kindle for PC and now wait with bated breath for the release of The Epic Life Story Of Keith Chatto. Only trouble is, I’m starting to go blue in the face. I think I may breathe easier if you could provide an update on the publication date. Cheers, Neville - Vintage Aussie Comics Enthusiast

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