Friday, April 06, 2012

It's Good Friday! Kirby! Stout! Heath! Royer!

For no other reason than it's Good Friday, here's two images that people might not be familiar with. The first is a Jack Kirby Superman sketch, a Mike Royer sketch, a Russ Heath 'Ms Thing' and a William Stout head sketch. All of them, barring the Royer drawing, were done circa 1980 and all appeared in the Panel Power ComicCon III programme - don't bother looking for it, it's rarer than any American convention programme.  Typical of the later Kirby work, the Superman logo is what Kirby thought it might look like, not what it actually was, but it's always good to see Kirby's pure Superman drawing, untouched by Al Plastino or any other DC artist. Enjoy!


mr ed said...

IT's not only Kirby, Alex Ross "couldn't" get the Superman logo "right" either.

Mike P said...

Wow...I love that old convention program stuff, Daniel. Just wonderful.

I'd point out that the Heath "Ms. Thing" was inked (co-signed) by Bill Wray of REN & STIMPY fame, and that the Stout sketch looks like Azarach (sp), a Moebius character. (Not a bad tribute at that!)

Thanks so much for posting these!

Mike Pascale