Backdate Rewind: Marie Severin


The above video comes courtesy of Big City Dare2Draw, a group who's function, in their own words, is, "...where artists of all levels share ideas and inspiration. Monthly in NYC. All are welcome! 

"Our main mission is to help provide networking, mentoring and promoting opportunities, for artists of all levels, while raising money for artists in need, from a portion of the cover charge. Plenty of space. Live models. Drawing contests. Prizes. Music (all kinds). Wi-Fi. Workshops and break-out groups."

The idea of like minded people gathering to share ideas and to help raise funds for the like of Tom Ziuko is one that I'm right behind, and, if you're in New York, you should be checking it out.  The next Dare2Draw event will see Kyle Baker and Louis Small Jr in attendance, both will be chatting and Louis will also be holding a colouring demonstration - this is a great chance to learn some skills from a professional.  The $10 cover charge will go towards helping Tom with his medical bills, so there's your added incentive.  Visit the Dare2Draw site for more details, including venue and times.

In the meantime enjoy the vintage Marie Severin interview, done in 1988 by C.M Griffin and pals who used to frequent Manhattan Comics & Cards (sadly now gone) and serves as a major inspiration upon the Dare2Draw people today.  It's chock full of Severin goodness!!


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