The Return Of...

Now that DC Comics has seen the light after several years and assigned Norm Breyfogle to a regular Batman title, Batman Beyond, it might be time to remind them of another giant who is out there just chomping at the bit to return to the character that they love so much....

Here's a clue, the original house ad announcing the character's debut way back when.

So how about it DC? Isn't it well past time that you revisited this character with the original artist?  Let's hope that it won't be long before we witness the return of Trevor Von Eeden to DC Comics and Black Lightning.


Al said…
While they're at it, DC should add the original writer and creator of Black Lightning, Tony Isabella, to the mix.

Allen Smith
dicecipher said…
Think only if Tony Isabella and Trevor Von Eeden were involved would I buy it.
could we still get vinnie ink it?

no? ok, i'd love to see a trevor von eden BL in 2012

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