Superman's First Appearance In Australia (Kind Of)

In newspapers anyway.  This strip shows the first appearance of Superman as a syndicated strip.  Dated the 7th of October, 1944, the strip started slowly in The Mail (Adelaide), with traditional Sunday strips at first (although the paper was published on Saturdays), but at least the Aussie papers went with this classic origin overview.  I found this strip while researching a something completely different and felt that it was cool, and historic, enough to warrant putting up on the blog.  Other strips featured in the paper at the time included Blondie and Dagwood, Henry, Nancy and Ben Bowyang.

The Mail was eventually replaced by The Sunday Mail which continues to publish comic strips to this day, although they did incur the wrath of myself and few others when they decided to drop Ginger Meggs a few years back.  Through the efforts of the late James Kemsley, a lot of others and myself we got Meggsy back in the paper and it's remained there ever since.  Sadly Superman was dropped decades back and the comic section these days consists of fare such as The Phantom and Garfield.

In the meantime click the image below and enlarge the 1st appearance of Superman in an Australian newspaper!


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