Jerome Siegel & Joseph Shuster against National Periodicals Publications: Jerry Siegel's Deposition (1973)

This kind of material you rarely see, but you'll be seeing a bit more of such documents in the days to come.  Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster tried, more than once, to regain ownership of their most famous creation, Superman, but failed each time due to a number of reasons, the main one being the sheer lack of funds required to fight a multi-national company.  In 1973 the duo tried once again, filing suit in New York, resulting in this deposition by Jerry Siegel himself.  Detailing as it does the history of Superman, prior to DC, this document certainly makes for interesting reading...and there's more, a lot more, to read in the coming days.

But, for now, click the images to enlarge the pages and read the Origin Of Superman, as stated by the writer himself!


Anonymous said…
The annual average American wage in 1941 was $1,492 (which means the actual wage for most people was far less), so Siegel % Shuster were quite well-off by the standard of the time. What did they do with it - squander it? I'm beginning to think they were just a couple of greedy b*st*rds.

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