Gene Colan 1926-2011

From Clifford Meth:

I regret to announce that my friend Gene Colan died at about 11 pm on June 23. Gene spent this last week in a quasi-coma state following a broken hip and complications from liver disease. He was 84.

I am terribly saddened to lose Gene. He was a gentle and deeply spiritual man, a bright light in every context, and those who knew him at any level were enriched by his warmth and generous nature. Below are some thoughts I cobbled together when he slipped from consciousness earlier this week.

I leave the historical perspective and details of Gene's significant career to my friends Tom Spurgeon and Mark Evanier. For now, I mourn.

Clifford Meth


Peter Bangs said…
Oh Crap. My heart and prayer go out to Gene's family and friends. If I feel this lousy losing someone I only knew through his consumate craftmanship, I can't even begin to imagine how they're feeling now.
erik colan said…
love this comment! thanks Peter!

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