Word Balloons #12 On Sale Now

In this day and age of digital editions it's refreshing to see that print isn't dead.  A prime example of this is the brilliant publication, Word Balloons.  Published by Philip Bentley's Second Shore in Melbourne, Word Balloons is a beautiful romp through the comic book scene in Australia, from the eyes of Philip.  He was there, he was one of the founders of the mighty Minotaur Books, has won multiple awards and published Aussie fanzines as far back as the 1970s.  What Phil doesn't know about the comic book scene in Australia, both current and historically, just really isn't worth knowing.

Each issue has a unique focus, and there is a recurring theme as Phil takes readers through his own personal history as a collector, retailer, fan, writer and publisher. It's a cracking read and chock full of information that should both delight and inform even the most casual of readers.

Philip hasn't paid me, or asked me to do this.  I'm doing this because it's a publication that more people should know about, more people should buy, and because Phillip is a bloody decent, and funny, guy to know with a wicked sense of humour.

Buy Word Balloons, and then get the back issues - they're cheap and won't break the bank.  You'll not regret it.  Details on how to order can be found on Philips site, or via this information:

Within Australia copies of Word Balloons is available from the publisher for AU$5.00 post inclusive for issues 1-9, AU$7.00 for issues 10 & 11 &AU$10.00 for 12. Please pay via cheque or money order, made out to Philip Bentley, or well hidden Australian notes, no responsibility taken for lost money. Those wishing to pay via notes may send $5.00 per issue 1-11.
Second Shore
PO Box 286
Victoria, 3191


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