Original Art Stories: Zeck Month Part II: Omincon 1976

I doubt that many people would have seen this strip before.  Taken from the Omnicon Convention 1976 book, which was housed in a brilliant Frank Brunner cover, it is more of a try out for Marvel Comics than anything else.

In 1975/76 Mike Zeck was busy working for Charlton Comics - and more on that in a later post.  However Charlton was rapidly going under at the time so Mike was forced to seek work elsewhere.  The issue that he had, as he recounted in an 1980s interview, was that he had been doing horror stories for the previous two years, so none of the Marvel or DC editors knew if he was capable of drawing superheroes.  Mike had devoted a lot of time, and his considerable talents, to drawing illustrations for James Van Hise's publications, notably amongst them the Batman illo that would be used for the contents page in many an issue of Rocket's Blast Comic Collector.  This programme would have been seen by a number of professionals, so to place some sample pages in it would have done both James and Mike a lot of mutual favours.

So, for the first time since God knows when, here's Mike Zeck's Sub-Mariner!  Naturally if you click any of the images you'll see a larger version of the scan in high resolution!



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