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George said…

I've been following the Gulf oil leak since the tanker exploded off the coast and killed those 11 workers almost two months ago. What a devastating story.

Nothing good has come of it. The loss of life. The damage to the environment. The loss of jobs/income for the residents. The time/money put into trying to salvage the coastline.

For me though, the most shockingly awful part is how BP has handled the entire event. It's devastating. To hear there comments from the beginning on how the leak isn't as bad as being reported, or that it's not much in the grand scheme of the amount of water in the Gulf, to there CEO recently saying he wanted his "life back". Of course, he's come back recently and apologized for that remark, I'm sure at the insistance of lawyers/PR people.

Doesn't he think the families/friends of the 11 people that died would want their loved ones back?

BP is an awful example of big business not caring about anyone but themselves. And lets not forget, that leak is still spewing hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil into the ocean as I write this.

What an awful tragedy.
MilkManX said…
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