Adrienne Colan, wife of Gene Colan, Passes

From Clifford Meth:
Adrienne Colan passed away last night or sometime this morning. We do not have all of the details yet.

Erik Colan broke the news to Gene about 20 minutes ago and then Gene and I spoke. All things considered, he is holding up well.

Note added at 4:55 pm: The medical examiner has not yet determined the day nor the cause of death.

This news comes as a shock, but considering recent events, it's not a great surprise.  All of our thoughts go out to Gene and his family and hopefully they can all get through this most difficult of times.  Now some of the more scurrilous rumour mongers will finally leave Gene and his children alone for a while, allow them to grieve in peace and recover from this massive of blows.


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