The Whorehouse Madrigals Book Launch

You can file this one under, 'If I was there then I'd most definately be there'. After all, who else can boast a show with both Gene Colan and Adam Austin sharing the bill?  It's a great little book which I reviewed a while back, but, for some reason, the review has yet to see the light of day.  Frankly I didn't think it was that bad....  The book itself is a crackingly good read, interesting and most certainly some of Meth's finest fiction in a long while.  Reading Meth's fiction makes me want to merely stick to factual writing, for obvious reasons.

Pop over to Aardwolf Publishing's web-site and get some more details, and while you're at it, feel free to buy the excellent Invincible Gene Colan book, one of the best books of it's kind that I've seen for decades, but more on that later.


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