Original Art Stories: Terry Beatty's Mike Mist For Sale

I've long been a fan of Max Allan Collins and Terry Beatty's Mike Mist stories because, well, they make me laugh, but that's not the only reason for this post, nor is it the reason why you're currently looking at It From Outer Space.  The sole reason for this post is to point people towards Terry Beatty's site, at which he's selling some of the Mike Mist stories.

I get nothing from it, other than the satisfaction of putting some of the Mike Mist pages up here for people to enjoy.  Once you've had a read scoot on over to Terry's site and buy the art before I do (I've got my eye on the Roger Moore/Sean Connery strip, so be warned).

Plus Terry does some of the best paintings I've ever seen on the covers of Scary Monsters magazine, so there is that.  And yes, he has some of that art up for sale too, and yes, It is one of them.  Damn!  But for more money.  Until then, enjoy!

Now, if you're an artist who's having a sale then let me know and I'll see what I can about plugging it for you, for what it's worth!


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