More Movie Posters

I know it was called The Longest Yard when it was released in the USA, but I saw this at the cinema under this title, The Mean Machine.  As we all know there were two remakes, an Adam Sandler copy and one that was pretty much put together by Vinnie Jones.  Personally I like the Vinnie Jones effort more than the Sandler version.  Somewhere I think I have a poster for the Vinnie Jones remake.

The above poster is the original Australian full sized movie poster, which, I'm told, is a hard item to find these days in any decent condition.  I scored that poster, and the one below, at a Sunday market recently for a small fee - I shan't tell you how much as I know people will curse, cry and gnash teeth.  Suffice to say I'd love to get it framed and on the wall, but for some reason, the better half has no desire to look at Burt and his hairy chest.  Oh well.

I can't recall ever seeing Prophecy, so any information on that puppy would be appreciated.  A horror movie directed by John Frankenheimer...a curious object indeed.


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