The Phantom: The Complete Collectors Guide Now On Sale

This one we just discovered as we were cleaning our shed out.  I thought that they'd long been sold, or gone.  I compiled and published this CD Rom back in 2002 - I was cutting edge even then and anticipated the need for an E-Book to contain information that normally wouldn't either reproduce correctly in a printed edition or might be missed.

Issued as an E-Book (CD ROM only) release in 2002, The Phantom: The Complete Collectors Guide, provides scans of every Phantom comic issued in Australia, complete with a price guide and several other bonus materials. There's write ups, histories, details of the artists and writers and a lot more - this is a great addition to any Phantom collectors shelf.

Long out of print, we have just discovered a limited run of this definite collectors item. The overall idea of this disc was subsequently copied for the 'Official' Phantom price guide, only the 'official' edition wasn't as extensive as this one, and now you can own the original.

The Phantom: The Complete Collectors Guide is only available as a CD-Rom and is exclusive to Blaq Books.  If we sell out the last remaining copies then I'll look into the viability of releasing another edition.


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