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“Too often we heard about the evolution of comics, but few men get a chance to witness history in the making like Jim Mooney had. GENTLEMAN JIM MOONEY is a personal look at how the comic industry changed through the years from someone who had seen it all, reading like a virtual Who's Who in comics - as well as diversions into science fiction and the movies - from the Golden Age through the Silver Age and beyond.” – Dale Sherman (author Kiss: Black Diamond, The Complete Collectors Guide To Alice Cooper and more)

“Danny Best has compiled a comprehensive and fascinating look at the life and career of the multi-talented and prolific 'Gentleman Jim Mooney' by those who knew and loved him best. Epiphany moment: I so want to be the 'Madman' when I grow up!” – Bob Almond (comic book artist)
In their first publishing venture, BLAQ BOOKS proudly presents the long awaited official biography of one of the finest, and most prolific American comic book artists of the 20th century, GENTLEMAN JIM MOONEY!

Jim Mooney saw his first comic book art published mere months after the debut of Superman in Action Comics #1. Mooney worked consistently in the comic book field from 1940 to the late-1990s and his 60-year career saw him produce art for the top Golden Age publishers, including Timey Comics (Marvel) Fox, Fiction House, Ace and Harvey. Mooney then enjoyed an amazing twenty two year stay at DC Comics, where he helped define the look for Batman, Robin and Superboy and became one of the most recognised artists for characters such as Supergirl, The Legion of Super-Heroes, Dial H-For-Hero and many more. In the late 1960s Mooney crossed over from DC to Marvel where he became closely identified with iconic characters such as Spider-Man, Ghost Rider and The Avengers, and closely worked with legendary writer Steve Gerber on Man-Thing, Omega The Unknown and Sub-Mariner and finished his career with Claypool Comics where he left his indelible mark on titles such as Elvira.

Gentleman Jim Mooney was written with the direct involvement of Jim Mooney. It features rare and unpublished art, direct from Mooney's files, plus previously unseen personal photos. The book also features commentary and contributions from Steve Gerber, Mark Evanier, Richard Howell, Gene Colan, Roy Thomas, Tony Isabella, Joe Sinnott and others, plus all-new art created especially for this book, as Joe Sinnott, Norm Breyfogle, Bob Almond, Mark McKenna, Jim Tournas and Bob McLeod exclusively ink previously unpublished Mooney pencils. Capping it off is an interview with Mooney's niece Libby Titus, wife of Steely Dan Founder Donald Fagen and an introduction by Stan "The Man" Lee.

GENTLEMAN JIM MOONEY is available as a direct download, for USD$15, or as a CD-ROM for $25 (including postage). The CD-ROM is packed with extra features, such as a detailed, and comprehensive, checklist, scans of original art and much more. The book is available at the following web-sites:

Published by Blaq Books
109 pages
Colour/Black & White illustrations
Written by Daniel Best and Jim Mooney
First published 2010 by Blaq Books
First published in Australia
Copyright © 2010 by Daniel Best
ISBN: 978-0-9807655-0-2


Chad said…
Awesome. Can't wait to read it after I pick up my copy at the launch on Saturday.

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