Rundle Mall Florist Fire, 8th January, 2010

Another local business bites the dust, sadly. This is the aftermath of a deliberately lit fire in Rundle Mall. Said fire was lit sometime between 3:00 and 3:30am, and by all accounts was captured on CCTV - and the same idiot tried to light another fire further down the other end of the Mall near the pigs - mind you it'd be no great loss if the pigs went up though. The end result? $30,000 worth of damage and a business that more than likely won't be re-starting again anytime soon. Such a shame as it was one of the more friendly of the Mall stands and always had chilled water on sale very cheaply, a necessity on days like this, along with a great selection of flowers and fresh fruit.

The Advertiser has some more details here, albeit light details.


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