Coming...31st January, 2010

As a digital download to begin with, but it's finished, being polished and is finally on it's way. No more book publishers, I'm doing this one myself. Ordering details to follow shortly, so spread the word.


George said…
I'll definitely being needing a copy of this. I'm composing emails to friends right now to spread the word. The printed versions, will they be paper or hard back?
Daniel Best said…
No print in the forseeable future as yet George, hence the digital download to begin with. Perhaps if a print publisher sees it and wants to pick it up they will, but frankly I've had at least five publishers look at this, with two contracts signed and another verbally agreeing, and all five have either gone under or passed with excuses ranging from, "But he's dead and can't promote it," to "No-one wants to read about old artists." If I waited for a print publisher then it might never happen.
George said…
OK, great. I'll just pick up my digital copy then. How long before the digital copy of the Breyfogle book?
Daniel Best said…
All going well, by the end of the year. I have another book to knock off before I finish Norm's, but I am well into it.
alxjhnsn said…
I'll be buying a copy as soon as you give the cue. Mooney's work is terrific and he was a very nice man. I commissioned him late in his life, but it was a great experience. I'd love to know more.

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