Original Art Stories: Gene Colan, Captain America #601 On Sale

Sometimes an email crosses the desk that just makes you gasp. This was one of them. Gene Colan is selling the original art to what might well be the last comic book story he ever draws: Captain America #601. The art is on-line, in it's entirety, for all to see and bid upon. Seeing the whole story in it's purest form is worth a bid in it's own right, so I strongly suggest that people pop over to Gene's site, check out the pages, and the sweet cover, and then start placing some high bids. But for a spare $50,000, I'd be bidding for the lot.

The auction is being held at Gene's site, in his on-line store. The link is: http://genecolan.com/GeneStore/OriginalArt/Cap601Auction.html#0 The auction does have a very interesting rule - all the pages, and cover, has to have a bid, or nothing will be sold. Thus, if you want to buy a page then you have to be sure that every other page has an opening bid. I like this policy - it ensures maximum results and that no-one can really swing by and cherry pick the pages and cover art. Remember, the money goes directly to Gene, so that should also be a damn good incentive.

For your viewing pleasure I've posted the first twelve pages of the story, plus the cover. Go forth, look, salivate, then buy!


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