I'm quite proud to announce the latest in the portfolio of web-sites - RICH BUCKLER! Rich approached me a few months ago and asked that I create a site devoted to his comic book artwork with details of how to arrange a commission directly via Rich, so there it all is. There's links to interviews, loads of colour images and paintings, vintage original art, recent cover recreations and much more. There'll be a few exclusive items going up as time goes by, so pop over to http://www.bucklercomicart.com/and check it out.


Chad Carter said…
Thanks so much for doing this, sir. So many "people" seem content to dismiss Buckler, but I love the man's work. Wonderful news.
Don Hudson said…
I love the Buckler Fantastic Four work, but I remember his later Marvel work on the Saga of the Sub-Mariner. much respect to Mr. Buckler!

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