Thursday, October 29, 2009


I'm quite proud to announce the latest in the portfolio of web-sites - RICH BUCKLER! Rich approached me a few months ago and asked that I create a site devoted to his comic book artwork with details of how to arrange a commission directly via Rich, so there it all is. There's links to interviews, loads of colour images and paintings, vintage original art, recent cover recreations and much more. There'll be a few exclusive items going up as time goes by, so pop over to check it out.


Chad Carter said...

Thanks so much for doing this, sir. So many "people" seem content to dismiss Buckler, but I love the man's work. Wonderful news.

Don Hudson said...

I love the Buckler Fantastic Four work, but I remember his later Marvel work on the Saga of the Sub-Mariner. much respect to Mr. Buckler!