Johnny O'Keefe's Cardigan!

Back when Johnny O'Keefe was the Wild One, he took to looking more like the Mild One instead with ads like this one - flogging off some tasteless Clan Murray knitted cardigan. I guess he had to pay for the booze, drugs and women somehow...and you'd look happy too if you'd just dropped a pile of speed and knew that you'd had a better than decent chance of having casual sex with the model behind you. Somehow I doubt he wore this Italian Collared Bulky Knit when he started screaming those legendary lines:
Well I'm-a just outa school, like I'm real real cool
Gotta shake, gotta jive
Got the message that I gotta be alive, I'm a wild one
Ooh yay I'm a wild one
Oo-oo-ooh baby, gonna break loose, I'm gonna keep her movin' wild
I'm gonna keep her shakin' baby, I'm a real wild child

Anyway, JOK, we miss ya!


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