Dave Simons: The Appeal - Walter Simonson Manhunter & Batman!

You're not seeing things...this is one of the most incredible Walter Simonson illustrations you're ever likely to see. Walt has done this drawing for the Dave Simons Appeal and it is on eBay for auction now. You may never get another chance because I expect whoever ends up buying this one will be holding onto it for a number of decades to come. Go ahead, click on it and see the detail.

Walt has stated that this is the first time he's drawn Dan Kingdom/The Enforcer since the original Manhunter series finished. He also says that there are no Manhunter illustrations of this quality anywhere outside of his own collection - what more do you want?

Keep checking the Dave Simons eBay auctions for more information. That art is to die for! Thanks Walt!


The Seditionist said…
Freaking gorgeous!! Whoever buys it is going to be *lucky*!

But looks like, sadly, WS might have too much free time :(
Anonymous said…
I agree about it being gorgeous, but I disagree about the man having too much free time. I'm sure he took the time necessary to complete this piece out of his genuine kindness and feeling the need to help Dave. Way to go Walt. I wish I could afford to bid on this item, but the last time I checked, it was up to $2,750! Well worth it, I might add, but out of my price range.
George "The Stooges"
Anonymous said…
Whoa. It just closed for $8,500!

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