Dave Simons: Update

Just so people know. Dave Simons is still in hospital after a violent reaction to medication late last week. Dave's condition is now listed as being serious, but stable, and the outlook is that he will make a recovery with the right treatment. Dave was moved from the ICU a short time ago, and his overall recovery and rehabilitation will be a long process. I've spoken to Dave and he is aware that people are wishing him well.

If you want to send your best wishes to Dave then send him a card, either via Bob Shaw or care of his hospital:
Dave Simons
Christ Hospital
176 Palisade Avenue
Jersey City, New Jersey 07306

Please, no phone calls or visitors at the moment. Dave's family is with him constantly and this is an uphill struggle, as people can well appreciate. Feel free to send cards and by all means do donate to the Dave Simons Appeal. Every little bit will help, and it's all needed right now.

Donate art or signed books (with values of at least $10) for a series of on-going auctions designed to benefit Dave. Items should be sent to Dave’s art rep, Bob Shaw. There is an eBay account set up (Help_Dave_Simons) and auctions are active. These auctions will proceed as items come in; all money will go directly to Dave. Items should be sent to: Bob Shaw, PO Box 650, Derry, NH, 03038 - USA.


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