Original Art Stories: Dave Simons Triptych

I've decided this year to showcase some of my favourite art purchases as they either come in or are paid off. So why not kick off 2009 with the last art purchase of 2008 -literally. I finished paying for this stunner at 3pm on the 31st of December, 2008. So, without any further ado, here's the Alternate Fantastic Four by Dave Simons.

Dave mentioned to me in an email a short time ago that he had four left over blank cards from the recent Rittenhouse Fantastic Four set. He'd already sold one, so that shot down my original concept, but I asked Dave if he could use the remaining three to draw the Alternate Fantastic Four from FF #347-#349 as a triptych. Dave checked out the issues in question and this is the result!

I've always loved those three issues and considered Walter Simonson's run to be one of the best that's been on Fantastic Four, indeed I rate it on an even par with the Byrne run as equal second, behind, of course, the original Stan Lee/Jack Kirby run. Dave has captured the feel of the Simonson/Art Adams characters perfectly - so say hello to the New Fantastic Four!


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