Thursday, October 02, 2008

Original Art Stories: Boy's Ranch #6

Just a short entry tonight as it's almost time for sleep for me.

The cover you're looking at above is the original production cover for the Joe Simon/Jack Kirby comic Boys' Ranch #6. What makes this interesting is that this version comes with two different logos - the standard Harvey Comics logo, as most people know, and beneath that the Penrod Boy's Wear logo.

This is what the comic looks like as it was published. Below is the cover free of the Harvey logos.

So what gives here? Easy answer really. There's two covers to the same comic because it was published, twice, at the same time. The Harvey version is the regular news-stand version, the Penrod version was a give-away, or premium, comic. The other difference was that the Harvey version had a Joe Simon/Jack Kirby pin-up as the centrefold, the Penrod version had an ad for Penrod shoes. Exciting stuff that. So what I've managed to buy is the original production cover, with the Harvey logo overlay, for both covers. Thus two covers, one image. Can't complain about that.

Courtesy of the Grand Comics Database Project, here's the Penrod cover. Enjoy!

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BobH said...

The GCD entries for the issues have the covers of the giveaways.