Happy Birthday Joe Sinnott!

Still the best there is at a young 82.

Why do I love Joe Sinnott? He's the only American artist I've ever spoken to who told me that one of his best pals lives a few miles from me, and then asked me to call him to wish him well - which I did.

Why do I adore Joe? Because he's one of the kindest, most honestly open people I've ever had the good fortune to speak to.

Why is Joe simply the best? Because as good as you artists out there are....

...you just ain't this good.

Pop by the Inkwell forums and wish Joe a happy birthday. Thanks to Bob Almond Joe will be checking in and reading his well wishes, so send those greetings and some love Joe's way.


Tim said…
Happy birthday, Joe! I've been a big fan for over thirty years. I hope you live to 100 and ink many more books!

Tim Gasco
Commerce, MI USA

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