The Things You Find In The Rain: Sgt Fury #1

I kid you not. I wasn't even aware that this puppy even existed until today. We wandered down to a local car boot sale (where, ironically, people were actually selling crap from the boots of their cars instead of trestles) and found the above comic in stunning condition on a table surrounded by knitting catalogues. Can't complain. What leap out at me, after the initial shock, was the cover by Maurice Bramley. As anyone who reads my crap on any on-going basis would know I have a very soft spot for Bramley and this is no exception and I still maintain that he did better covers than most of his American contemporaries. The cover here is kind of odd as it shows what we're expected to believe is Sgt Fury driving a jeep with the Russian hammer and sickle on it. You might ask what's so surprising about that. Only that the comic book in question was published in the mid 1960s and that the story itself was based during World War II. The cover art to this gives an impression of the story being based in Korea in the 1950s. Strange days indeed.

Here's the information on the book itself:
Date: November/December 1963
Publisher: Horwitz Publications
Contents: 7 Doomed Men by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Dick Ayers (23 pgs) (originally appeared in Sgt Fury & His Howling Commandos #2, July 1963)
Rockets by Maurice Bramley (1pg)

I have the Australian Sgt Fury #10, so now all I need to do is track down the rest.


Anonymous said…
we have an aussie no. 1 in very good condition. know anyone that wants it?

Kim McSpedden
Daniel Best said…
I know several people who'd want it - throw it on eBay and watch the bidding go nuts.

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