Big Glee? You Betcha!

My pal Al Bigley finally has a blog of his own. I won't say it's his new blog as he never had an old one, but let's not split hairs or debate semantics here. What I will say is that Al's blog is a delight to read, very interesting and a delightful view into the world of a young man who grew up to be an artist. The stuff he's showcasing is off the wall and is features vintage art that you rarely see artists put out there for display. Plus he's not shy about his Monkees fascination, not that I can talk, I own the above piece of art that Al did for fun back in 1990.

I like Al. Over the years my all too brief conversations with him have been informative and enlightening to me. I've also managed to buy a fair amount of art from him over the years and I'm happy to own it all. Al is one of those good guys that come along in the world of comic book art all too rarely. Scoot on over and read his blog and then make contact and commission him to draw something - you'll not regret it.


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