In case you're wondering where I've been for the past few days this might help. This shot, taken yesterday, is of me and the other half sunning ourselves and enjoying the below sunset at downtown beach side Noosa in Queensland. Now the natives here might argue that it's a tad chilly, but when you consider that Adelaide is currently wet and freezing, even temperatures in the low 20s is warm for us. So fret now, normal service will be resumed eventually (like sometime mid next week), until then we're just gonna chill out (so to speak) and enjoy the sun and decent weather, along with the good company that family brings.

Now ain't that a postcard? Brilliant! Taken with my own little trusty Samsung digital camera. Now we're off to raid a few more shops and just drive about the state as we feel fit. Why? Because we can.


Anonymous said…
Wow, that does look like a postcard. Nice picture Danny. Have fun on your vacation, you deserve it!
George "The Stooges"

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