Original Art Stories: Gene Colan, An Update III

Just a short update. From all accounts Gene is doing well and is in excellent spirits, which is the best news possible, and spends his days just relaxing, gathering strength, working on art and watching Gary Cooper movies. Clifford Meth's auctions are still running so visit his site and spend, spend, SPEND!! it's for a damn good cause, of course! Remember, there are eBay auctions, the highlights of which are the stunning Walter Simonson drawing and an original V For Vendetta page by David Lloyd. Well worth buying.

Now onto even better news. Gene himself will be speaking on Wednesday the 11th of June! That's right, bookmark next Wednesday in your diaries because Gene will be appearing on Bob Andelman's Mr Media podcast/radio show. Bob has promised to allow Gene to talk for as long as he's able, and people will be able to call in and ask questions, or just share some love. Just tune into Bob's Mr Media at 1:00pm (EST) on June 11th and either listen, or call in and ask Gene! The show will be podcast and available for downloading at a later date.


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