Original Art Stories: Breyfogle's Prime II

Shortly after I posted my original post regarding the Breyfogle Prime holo-cover, Norm Breyfogle himself emailed with this information, Sorry, Danny, but you're mistaken; the above holocover art wasn't rejected. Malibu did in fact use it. I don't know where you got that erroneous info.

The holocovers were done by having an artist draw a scene (in this case, me), then having another artist - a sculptor - mold the foreground figures in clay (from which a hologram was made).


Where did the confusion set in? I guess from here. Someone emailed me, ages ago (and I've since lost the original email) the published cover. Have a look at the art above and the cover below.

To my eyes they are different, but that's not Norm's fault. I expect that the sculptor changed the main Prime element slightly, but then I also expect that's to be expected. So I'm happy to stand corrected, after all Norm would and does know, what was and what wasn't published when it comes to his art. Now the question is, where the devil is that statue?


Anonymous said…
The original artwork you own is much nicer than the printed cover. You don't even see the character in the background in the printed cover.
I am looking forward to that Breyfogle book.
George "The Stooges"

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