New York Scam: A Serious Warning For All Travellers: UPDATE II

Well it seems our pal has once again changed his name. Read the latest comment here. Now he's Brown Douglas Jeff - interesting in a way because with this new name he can use multiple combinations and variations. The emails that he sent were strikingly similar to the ones that trapped us, so keep spreading the word and remember - if an accommodation deal in New York looks too good to be true then it's a rip off. Pure and simple. In the meantime spread the word and link/share the post.

I estimate that we've now cost this guy in excess of $40,000 already - possibly more. So sure, he got our $4,000 but he's losing a hell of a lot in the meantime. No word from the US authorities, despite many claims being made, but one day someone might get off their fat arse and do something about this cretin on the ground in America.

I'm ready and waiting for that day, as are quite a few others. I mean, it's people like this that give Americans a very bad name on the world stage.


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