The Amazing Spider-Skrull

Just wanted to share this one. Drawn by Norm Breyfogle at the recent New York Convention, this just makes me wonder even more...why isn't Norm drawing at either Marvel or DC? I mean, I think I know why, but when I see some of the low grade art that's coming out of Marvel right now it's almost criminal that Norm is still on the sidelines. . Hey - I love David Lapham, both as an artist and a writer, but his new Wolverine project is virtually unreadable - sorry Dave, but Johnny Timmons has turned in a God-awful job and it just doesn't do your story justice.

On the bright side Norm is still out there drawing away and creating some of the most vibrant comics in the marketplace, in the form of Dangers Dozen. So that's a bonus. Perhaps someone at Marvel or DC will come to their senses soon enough and either give us some new Norm or at least collect those Alan Grant/Norm Breyfogle Batmans. Hey - DC reprint everything else...


Anonymous said…
Dammit, i want me some Norm Spider-man books!

Mike Cross
Anonymous said…
Marvel or DC, BRING BACK NORM! George "The Stooges"

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