Psycho Battle Cats

Just for fun, when either of our cats, Merlin The Grey and DeKlerq The Mental, get bored they usually lash out and whack the other on the head and begin to fight. We generally pull them apart, although I'm all for them fighting (but then I grew up as the youngest with three older brothers, so I'm used to the fights). Merlin has weight, size and age on his side, while Klerq has speed, the sharpest claws and teeth this side of a Wiltshire Staysharp knife and a Kamikaze attitude when it comes to fighting. Usually they leave no lasting damage, outside of scratches on the nose and general cuts, but last night saw a stunning battle that went through the house, up the stairs and back down again and has left Merlin with a closed eye and Klerqy limping with a sore back leg.

Serves them right I say. Seconds after this photo was snapped they split apart and Klerq launched himself through the air to tackle Merle like we've not seen before. I think it might have something to do with Merle biting Klerq on the date - always a dangerous prospect in battle. The pair of idiots are quiet today, although the odd thump and hiss has been heard around the traps.

Mind you the other half thinks I should place this image on eBay with the view of selling a pair of Psycho Battle Cats. Now there's a title for a comic book for you...I'll even give you the images and a story to draw (for any of you budding artists out there), free of charge.


Klerqy and Merl might be famous :)

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