Welcome Brian Postman

Another artist has been welcomed into my little nest of web-sites - Brian Postman. While he might not be a name that everyone knows off the top of their head, he is a damn good artist all the same. Brian had a relatively short career at Marvel in the 1980s, but managed to draw a handful of Spider-Woman titles along with issues of Marvel Team-Up (inked by Mike Esposito) and Marvel Super Heroes. Since that time Brian has kept himself both busy and gainfully employed by working as a commercial artist, drawing storyboards and advertising illustrations. Brian is available for commissions and his rates are amongst the best around, so go and visit his site, have a look around and see if you don't walk out wanting to buy something.

Brian came to me via Dave Simons and I couldn't be happier. Welcome Brian! May your stay be a long and fruitful one.


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