Slowing Down To A Rapid Pace

Ok, so why are the cats up here? To divert your attention away from the fact that I'm not overly well right at the moment. Unlike most people who get ill over the Christmas break I made it through just fine.

However I then went back to work at the day job and caught a bug of some sorts, which means to say that I'm not feeling all that great is akin to saying that Hitler wasn't a very nice fellow. However I'm doing the martyr thing and working through the pain (the heat isn't helping at all) and given time, and I mean a matter of a week or so, you'll see some amazing things happening right here. I gots me some great ideas, and instead of giving them to people so they can assign other people to prepare them for their magazines and books, I'll be running the bulk of them right here.

Watch this space. In the meantime you can bask in the glory that is Merlin and Klerqy.


Anonymous said…
Feel better soon Danny!
George Travlos

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