Boxed Into A Corner: The Quick Reply Part II

Just to clarify things. I received a reply from Tom Brevoort today about why Norm Breyfogle's comments were removed from his blog. Here's part of the reply, "The reason why that comment was deleted is pretty simple: every new post can be marked as "offensive" by anybody who views the post, which deletes it from the live log until somebody with moderator approval can see it and make a determination. If it's deemed inoffensive, it's restored to the comments section. So somebody--not me--who saw those comments since they were first posted flagged them. And given that the entry in question is two months old, I didn't see them until you pointed out that they were missing."

I'm happy to accept that as an answer. Tom has also raised some issues as to why he believes Norm didn't get any follow up work after his Hellcat mini-series, I'm clarifying that with Tom, when the time comes (read: next few days) I'll post some more on this little mini-saga. For now I'll accept that Tom didn't remove the comments, indeed he has re-instated them, and that shows the measure of the man really.


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