Tightlip Entertainment: A Judgement

More fun and games from Rick Olney and Tightlip. Straight after Tony Isabella issued his latest warning he recived a message from Olney which he made public and which read, in part, "You will be served with a legal injunction papers when you get to Syracuse in October, Mr. Isabella. I'm finally feeling up to fixing your little red wagon for you." What a charmer eh? As usual it's yet another empty threat. If Rick feels up to it he can sue me as well.

In the meantime the image you're seeing is worth a million words. It's a scan of the first page of the judgement that Jimmy T won against Olney. So much Olney playing the hard done by guy. Have a quick read and you decide. This is what happens when Olney gets into court - he loses. Big time.

As always go and look at the Unscrewed site and again, fair warning.


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