Melbourne, Oh Bitter City Of Falling Tears

Ahhhh Melbourne, the city of...well something I guess. Our drive over was good and uneventful, which is what you want really. We left at about 5am and lobbed in here at about 3pm (our time), a good run with a few stops along the way (and a few idiots - the sooner four wheel drives are banned from the roads, or at least those who drive them, the better). On arrival we checked into the place we're staying - a serviced apartment that looks like it should be condemned on the outside but is very pleasant on the inside although it does have that fake, laminated wood floor finish that creaks so much you half expect Herman Munster to walk in looking for Lily. Wandered down to Chapel Street, bought a couple hundred dollars worth of books and DVDs and then back for dinner and sleep, sleep....

Today, well it's just Melbourne at it's finest. Grey, overcast, freezing cold and pissing down with rain. Just what you've come to love and expect from this fine, filthy city. What you see in the image is the view from the windows here of the house next door (tht's our view!) complete with Thinker In Residence. Ain't that weather grand?


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