Goldengate: Hopefully The Last Word

This scan just arrived today from Gerry Turnbull. This is that that John Byrne has given to Gerry in response to the now infamous Michael Golden commission that went horribly wrong. Not too shabby indeed. With a suitable resolution now worked out between the collectors and Golden things can go back to normal and people can move on. I'd still be curious to know if this saga has put anyone off getting a Golden commission, or if it's had the opposite effect. I know where I stand with it.

It's odd, but people still insist on paying artists up front with no time frames. I have two cover quality commissions being done right as you read this, they've been worked on for the last month and a bit, and the artist (via his rep) has insisted that he'll accept no payment until they're done, and even then if I decide I don't want them, well no problem. I'm more than happy with that.

It all comes down to one phrase; Caveat Emptor. Let the buyer beware.


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